Denver man files suit over dog's electrocution
Stray Voltage in Baltimore

BALTIMORE, MD (WJZ) — A WJZ investigation is revealing decaying wires are causing serious hazards throughout Baltimore neighborhoods, hazards so serious they can shock or even kill people as they walk down the street.

Dog electrocuted by exposed wires inside park utility box

2 Investigators: Stray Voltage Dangers

Contact voltage: America's unknown danger

CBS Evening News – It’s a hidden danger in America’s cities: Frayed power lines can turn ordinary lamp posts, manholes or fire hydrants into hazards that can shock or even kill. Sharyl Attkisson investigates.

Stray voltage on San Antonio streets by LocalNews-GrabNetworks

Stray voltage on San Antonio streets
Shocking Truth Stray Voltage in Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, RI (CBS) – Rhode Islands shocking story on walking its streets with hidden dangers of stray voltage. As Reported by NBC 10.

Potentially Deadly Electrical Charges Found on City Streets

Stray Voltage Electrocutes Dog in Seattle

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Stray Voltage, What You Need to Know

Stray Voltage Surges Through Cities Across The Country

Shocking Situation on South Street

I-Team: Stray Voltage Mission

Investigator: Cleveland's shocking discovery

Family of girl electricuted after leaning on fence is pushing for tougher inspection law

Family Wants Lawmakers To Pass A Bill Protecting People From Stray Voltage

I-Team: Stray Voltage Law

Mo. siblings electrocuted at Lake of the Ozarks

Rescuer describes electric current that killed boy
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