State of Rhode Island Senate Hearings

March 14, 2012 – Legislation mandating the use of the most effective technology available to locate and fix instances of Contact Voltage has been introduced in both Houses of the Rhode Island Legislature.

S-2387 was introduced by Senator Rhoda Perry.  H-7532 was introduced by Representative Michael Tarro.

Hearings have now been held in both the Senate and House Corporations Committees to consider testimony from the parents of Deanna Camille Green who lost her life to electrocution when the young teen touched an energized fence in a Baltimore park.  Also speaking in support of the legislation were representatives from the RI Veterinary Medical Association, the RI SPCA, electrical engineering expert Dave Kolakitis and Roz Rustigian of CVIC.  Lobbyist Frank McMahon spoke on behalf of National Grid.


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