Rhode Island


A dog was electrocuted by an electrified manhole in the sidewalk.

Learn More: http://www2.turnto10.com/news/2011/jan/27/womans-dog-electrocuted-during-walk-ar-378010/


In the winter of 2011 a 4 month old lab puppy was electrocuted and died in Providence during a week of intense snow storms.  Conditions created by the slush and salt created the perfect set of conditions for compromised, underground wires to result in contact voltage.  As a result of the death of this puppy and a heightened awareness of this problem, the RI Legislature passed a bill that calls for the detection and remediation of contact voltage under a program to be administered by the PUC.  Currently, hearings on this program are underway in RI.


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National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates

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