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Small State, Big Shock

In January 2011 a puppy was killed as a result of electrocution from contact voltage in Providence, RI. Roz Rustigian, business leader and board member of the Rhode Island SPCA heard of this awful event the evening it happened and began her own research in an attempt to learn how to avoid such a tragedy happening to her dogs. What she found is that contact voltage is common in urban areas with underground electric delivery systems and has caused injury and death to humans and pets in several U.S. cities including New York, Boston, Las Vegas, San Diego and Miami.

Some of the most compelling stories – including the story of Jodie Lane who died in New York City while trying to help her dogs who were being electrocuted by contact voltage, and the death of the 14 year old daughter of Baltimore Colts Defensive Tackle Anthony (Bubba) Green who died when she got up to stretch against a wire fence at a baseball game – led Roz to launch CVIC.

Roz realized the deterioration of the electrical infrastructure is of vital interest to the public and is a growing risk to people and pets.

Technologies exists to detect problems in our streets to prevent the death of a pet or person. CVIC was founded because we deserve the confidence that comes from knowing that our power company is working as hard to make pedestrians safe in Rhode Island and other cities around the country. Contact Roz to show your support and get involved with CVIC today!