About Us

Contact Voltage has injured and killed people and pets in our streets, sidewalks and parks.  CVIC was formed with goal of educating, empowering and collaborating with the general public and key decision makers to spread awareness on this issue and ensure proactive steps are taken to protect the public and our pets from contact voltage.

Our core values are:

  • Raising public awareness of the issue
  • Protecting innocent people and pets
  • Improving pedestrian safety

Contact Voltage has been found in almost every US city. In some cities, thousands of cases have been uncovered.  Please take a few minutes to look through the site and share this vital information with your friends & family. Through education and awareness we have the power to make our streets a safer place.


Rosalind Rustigian, CVIC Founder and Executive Director Roz Rustigian is the founder and executive director of the Contact Voltage Information Center (CVIC). Roz first learned of the danger posed by contact voltage after a Labrador puppy named Luna was killed blocks from her home in Providence, RI.  During a normal daily walk down a seemingly safe street, Luna stepped on an section of sidewalk that was energized by deteriorated underground wiring and was electrocuted. She died shortly after. Concerned about the safety of her own pets, Roz began looking for answers. She found that contact voltage had killed dogs, children, and adults around the world, yet little was being done to prevent the problem. Luna’s death was not an isolated incident and Roz felt a duty to take action. Roz began working with state legislators in Rhode Island to propose a resolution calling for electric utilities to proactively find and fix contact voltage hazards across the state. That resolution recently passed both the RI House and Senate unanimously. While efforts to effect legislative change in Rhode Island continue, Roz is committed to making others aware of the danger posed by deteriorating electric infrastructure in cities and towns across the country. In addition to her works at CVIC, Roz sits on the board of the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RI SPCA).



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